Queen Mary Kendo Club


Queen Mary Kendo Club, established in 2007, is open to everyone aged 18 and above.

We are based in the Qmotion Sports Hall (432 Bancroft Rd, London E1 4DH) at Queen Mary, University of London.

Our goal as a club is to take people who are complete beginners to kendo and give them the skills to be able to practice kendo anywhere in the world safely and confidently.

We aim to teach a balanced view of the martial art, encouraging not only its sporting and competitive aspects but also a deeper, more introspective way of challenging your own mental and physical habits.

Practices are all free with an annual membership fee of only £5 for students and jobseekers, and £10 if you are currently employed full-time. We currently do not run training over the summer break.

Beginners are welcome at any point of the academic year. You do not have to be a student of Queen Mary, University of London to train with us.

Please sign-up for membership as follows:
1. Register/log in at www.qmsu.org/login/
2. Go to www.qmsu.org/groups/kendo/ and click join on the right sidebar
3. Follow the payment instructions

Your name will be added to the paid members list as soon as we get confirmation.

For more information on anything at all about the club or just kendo in general, please drop us an email.

Updated: September 2013