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First practice of the year: QMotion, 21/9/2013, 15:50-17:50

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New year, new training time. Make sure you show up at the QMotion Sports Hall on Saturday 21st September 2013, 15:50-17:50, for our first session of the year. All are welcome, especially beginners. And it’s absolutely free!

We will be running sessions every Saturday after that, so don’t worry if you can’t make this Saturday. Beginners are welcome at any point in the year, but it’s best to start with other beginners.

All training sessions are free, but you will need to pay an annual membership fee of £5 if you are a student at any university or currently unemployed, and £10 if you are currently employed full-time.

Please bring photo ID for entrance into QMotion. You won’t be charged to enter as long as you say you’re there for the Kendo Club.

Also change into loose clothing for the training session. There are changing rooms with showers but you’ll have to bring your own padlock if you want to use the lockers. We usually bring all of our bags into the sports hall.

We will lend you all the required equipment for training.

Lastly, we go to the local Wetherspoons pub after each session, so feel free to join us for a chat and a drink (doesn’t have to be alcoholic!).

In the meanwhile, don’t forget to join our Facebook group (http://www.facebook.com/groups/queenmarykendo/).


Author: QMKendo

University kendo club in East London welcoming beginners and seasoned kendoka from all backgrounds.

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